Admission Lottery

What is the lottery?

The lottery is the admissions process required by New York State that is held when there are more student applications to a charter school than seats available. Students are randomly selected from all applicants for admission by lottery. Students who are not selected from the lottery will be placed on a waiting list.

Why does SASCCS use a lottery system for acceptance to the school?

NYS law states that if more applications than seats available, SASCCS is required to choose their students through a random admissions lottery.

Is anyone given preference in the lottery?

Preference is given to returning students, employee children, ELL students, siblings of students, and students who reside in the Syracuse School District.

When is the lottery?

The lottery drawing for Syracuse Academy of Science and Citizenship Charter School (SASCCS) will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2020 starting at 10:00am in Syracuse Academy of Science High School at 1001 Park Ave. Syracuse, NY 13204.

Does my child have to be present for the lottery?

No, applicants do not have to be present to be selected. The lottery is open to the public, and subject to state regulations to ensure they are transparent and equitable.

If my child is accepted, will he/she have to participate in the lottery every year?

No, students who are accepted into SASCCS will be able to remain in the school until graduation, provided they adhere to the school’s guidelines and policies.

Is there a waitlist process for SASCCS?

Yes, students who are placed on the waiting list are ranked. Students are chosen for openings by a lottery. If the chosen student’s parents decline the opening another lottery will be held until the space is filled.