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First Grade

Welcome to first Grade! We work rigorously on the four basic components of education, including Common Core English Language Arts (ELA), Common Core Math, Science, and Social Studies. 

In first grade we have 5 rules that we follow in our classrooms.  They include: Keeping our hands to ourselves, Being kind and polite to all, remembering to raise our polite hands, always handling problems is a calm manner and having fun while being safe! 

In English Language Arts, there is a strong emphasis on developing reading strategies, such as: chunking, blending, fluent reading and reading with expression. First graders work on the importance of parts of a story, such as setting, main idea, characters, and plot. Additionally, first graders analyze a variety of texts in order to create an understanding of how different pieces relate to one another. They also begin to work on finding spelling patterns, while becoming familiar with blends and digraphs. 

In math, students make sense of problems and persevere in solving them! They work on adding and subtracting within 100 and becoming fluent in adding or subtracting ten from any number.  Additionally, students will understand that a 2 digit number represents a certain number of tens and ones.  First graders learn to distinguish shapes based on attributes and how to create new shapes from a composite shape. Lastly, in first grade students begin to learn about money and time. 

During social studies, students focus a great deal on character traits and becoming positive, well- mannered citizens within our community. They have numerous opportunities to work with peers and further develop their social skills.

During science, students focus on inquiry and observations. They learn about these two ideas through a variety of topics including: technology, animals, plants, habitats, weather, and energy. Students are developing into inquisitive scientists within our classrooms!

Throughout the year, students have different specials during the day including Physical Education, Music, and Art. We have a daily dedicated time for recess and snack as well. There are multiple opportunities for field trips throughout the school year at our school! The first grade team plans two per month! 

First Grade Supply List

  • Pencils: Yellow #2 (two dozen, sharpened)
  • Crayons: (1 box of 24)
  • Markers (2 packages Crayola washable markers)
  • Pointy Scissors (Fiskars)
  • 4 Solid Color Plastic Pocket Folders (please be sure these are durable; students will use them throughout the whole year)
  • 2 Composition Notebooks
  • Glue Sticks (6+)
  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • 2 regular boxes of tissues
  • *Athletic Sneakers (Bring in/wear daily for days when we have P.E.)
  • 4+ Dry erase markers
  • 4 pink erasers
  • 1 container of hand sanitizer
  • 2 containers of Clorox Antibacterial Wipes (these can be found at the dollar store)
  • Backpack (regular school size)

Please be advised:

  • No binders, pencil boxes, or pens
  • Please do not write your child's name on anything except the backpack and sneakers. Once school begins, most supplies will become "classroom supplies" to share with all students. 
  • If your child has an SAS sweatshirt, please be sure his/her name is written on the tag clearly. 

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